A two day’er at Great Barrier

A two day’er at Great Barrier

Left Friday evening and spent a night in Port Fitzroy catching live bait to give the kingfish a scare 🎣 Next day we headed around the east coast of Great Barrier and out to Arid Island to drag our livies’ over a few deep water pins – and bam 💥it was on with multiple hook ups and they where good fish!  Biggest tipping the scales at 16kg!

Congrats Rose on you ‘PB’ kingfish! But it didn’t end there, 5 of the crew got personal best kingfish. We were all buggered from the battles so decided to unwind with a little snapper fishing. First bait to hit the bottom came up with a 10lb snapper and it didn’t end from there – the snapper just poured into the boat, so much for our unwind! Snapper came over the gunnel one after the other. We caught our limit in under an hour so an early night into a bay for the night job done.

Got up Sunday morn for a snapper fish and hello snapper we’re on again with Peter Manukau catching a 20lb and everyone else nailing nice snapper. Again limit in 1 hour so we headed in early with fish bins full and muscles sore – everyone was happy and it had been an awesome weekend 🐟

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